Kyanite & Cypress Burl Diffuser Bracelet ~ 8mm


A beautiful alternative to lava stone, these diffuser bracelets feature Cypress Burl Wood which has a natural cedar-like scent. Cypress is great for your respiratory system, acting as an anti-inflammatory. As the natural oil dissipates, you can actually add any of your favourite essential oils just like any diffuser bracelet!

Element of Air
Stone of Emotions

Kyanite assists in working through disagreements and disputes, and can aid in repairing damaged relationships. It encourages the examination of all aspects of oneself, and aid in finding a life-fulfilling purpose. It encourages listening to intuitive guidance and living with integrity of purpose. Kyanite helps overcome the resignation of oneself to the recurring emotional patterns and helps shift perceptions to the world. It assists in remaining functional in extreme situations, promotes a more logical way of thinking, and encourages resolute action.

Cypress Burl Wood
Element of Earth

Cypress wood is the ancient symbol of solace, often depicted as the Tree of Life as it represents everlasting life. Its strength and sturdiness support us when we can bear no more, giving a solid foundation where one can process emotions without feeling overwhelmed. Highly aromatic, its scent is calming and often aids in protection of the respiratory system.

The rare, figured cypress wood found in this collection is harvested from the root systems or burl wood and only after a tree has died off naturally; no live trees are harmed.

Handmade with:

  • 8mm AAA grade gemstone beads
  • available in 3 sizes, small (6 in), medium (7 in), and large (8 in).

Please allow for slight variances as these are natural stones so no two bracelets will be identical. Please note that gemstones should be used for support to healing and should not replace advice from a physician.

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