Dogwood Necklace ~ Sterling Silver


Pacific Dogwood
Durability & Reliability

The dogwood flower is a symbol of durability and reliability. This flower might seem gentle and small, but its strength perseveres.

Adopted in 1956 as the floral emblem of British Columbia, the pacific dogwood can be seen in bloom from April to May. The origin of the name dogwood has been debated, however one theory refers to a European species of dogwood (Cornus sanguinea) that was used for making skewers, or daggers, and would have been referred to as dag, dague, or dagge (dagger) in old English. Regardless, the beauty of this flower stands for itself!

Each leaf has been collected with care, pressed and dried to create a stunning interpretation of the uniqueness of each of us, no two pieces are alike. Set in the highest quality materials, only the best will do.

Please note that these pieces come from dogwood on private property with explicit approval from the owner. No trees have been harmed and the flowers were harvest at the end of their life-cycle prior to the pruning of the tree. It is illegal in British Columbia to pick dogwood without permission.

  • 8-12mm pressed pacific dogwood
  • Available in sterling silver & gold filled
  • Dogwood info card

Please allow for slight variances as this is made from nature so no two pieces will be identical.


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