Canadiana Collection

Our Canadiana Collection is a tribute to the beautiful true north;

a celebration of our individuality,

our diversity,

our strength,

and our beauty.

We harvest real leaves and flower petals, collecting with care, giving special attention to patterns and natural features found within each one.

We press and dry each piece and set in the highest quality materials; the result is a stunning interpretation of the uniqueness of each of us, no two pieces are alike.

The Canadiana Collection began in the fall of 2018 with our first harvest of maple leaves. We wanted to create a collection that connects us as Canadians, that honours our diversity and recognizes our universal appreciation for this beautiful country we are fortunate to call home. We will be working on additional provinces in the coming seasons so check back often as this collection is sure to amaze as we continue to grow!

Canadian Maple

Canadian Maple is the tree of tolerance and honour. It is rebellious, tough, full of imagination and originality.

The leaves in these pieces come from maple trees found on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, harvested in the fall as the leaves start to turn. Our maples turn colour that range from golden to dusty rose to burgundy and can be seen in each piece.

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British Columbia Pacific Dogwood

Adopted in 1956 as the floral emblem of British Columbia, the pacific dogwood can be seen in bloom from April to May. The origin of the name dogwood has been debated, however one theory refers to a European species of dogwood (Cornus sanguinea) that was used for making skewers, or daggers, and would have been referred to as dag, dague, or dagge (dagger) in old English. Regardless, the beauty of this flower stands for itself!

We are conscious about our environment and are aware of the regulations regarding the collection of all our sacred blooms. Please note that these pieces come from dogwood on private property with explicit approval from the owner. No trees have been harmed and the flowers were harvest at the end of their life-cycle prior to pruning season. It is illegal in British Columbia to pick dogwood without permission.

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Alberta Wild Rose

Wild roses have been used as a source of food and in healing remedies for centuries, but are most famously know for their beautiful fragrance. Wild roses can be found across Canada ranging in colours from pale to bright pink. Adopted in 1930 as the provincial flower of Alberta, the suggestions were passed along to the Department of Education for review, but the final decision was made by the province’s schoolchildren.

During the pressing process of these flowers, the brighter pink petals dry to a deep purple, sometimes exhibiting a shade of neon!

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Saskatchewan Tiger Lily

The official provincial flower of Saskatchewan is the Western Red Lily, but as you cannot pick them without causing significant harm to the plant, the Tiger Lily is often used in its place. Tiger Lily is the flower or mercy and compassion. It is also a symbol of pride, much like the tiger itself, this flower stands with a confidence like no other.

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Manitoba Prairie Crocus

Crocus’ are one of the first signs of spring and brings with it a celebration of rebirth and renewal. This beautiful flower is also a symbol of youthfulness, reminding us of happy days of childhood, walking around forests. With their bright and playful colours, they are perfect for bringing positive energy and joy.

Adopted as the official flower of Manitoba in 1906, the prairie crocus is actually a type of anemone, belonging to the buttercup family.

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Quebec Blue Flag Iris

The iris is a symbol of power, with the three parts representing wisdom, faith and courage.

Resembling the fleur-de-lis, the Blue Flag Iris replaced the Madonna Lily as the provincial flower of Quebec in 1999. Growing along shorelines, rivers and ponds, it is one of the most widespread native species from the prairies to the east coast.

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New Brunswick Purple Violet

Violets represent open mindedness and imagination. They invoke feelings of contentment and peace and bring a sense of restfulness to those that carry them.

It is the flower for February birthdays and was also adopted as the provincial flower of New Brunswick in 1936, based on input from the Women’s Institute.

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