About Us

Our Story

Birch Artisan Studio was created by Krista Smith in 2013 with the vision of connection… to our world, each other and ourselves. Birch wood signifies new beginnings, and as every day is an opportunity for a fresh start it was important that the studio and this jewelry line represent that. Every morning we have the opportunity to impress upon ourselves our intent for the day. To be present, kind and compassionate in every moment.

In 2014, Birch Artisan Studio launched its online presence via Etsy and started its journey in the Handmade Marketplace. Although originally a BC girl, Krista Smith launched the company and its presence in Saskatoon SK. The prairies will always hold a special spot for the creation of Birch Artisan Studio, with ties to those communities still being an important part of the business.

Birch Artisan Studio moved home to Victoria, BC in 2016 and started its first full-time year at the summer markets in the Victoria Inner Harbour. Having the opportunity to solidify roots in the city and connect with many people travelling from all over the world, was an experience unlike any other. It was here that we realized the impact of providing thoughtful and caring products and service was beyond our imagination. The people that we’ve met and the connections that we’ve made will be carried with us for a lifetime.

This year has brought a significant amount of travel for Birch Artisan Studio.  You can still find us at the cruise ship terminal at Ogden Point here in Victoria through the summer months, but we’ve been travelling the country trying to expand the exposure to the brand. Spring shows from March to June had owner and designer, Krista Smith, making connections through Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. You’ll be able to find us again this fall starting in October through BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

This year’s product focus has been fine-tuning the collections, listening to our customers and trying to streamline a lot of what we do. Make sure to check in regularly for updates on what we have going on and collaborations that are in the works. We’re looking forward to what the next journey has in store and hope you’ll join us on the adventure!


Gemstones are the most orderly structure that exist in nature. With the lowest amount of entropy, they oscillate and emit specific vibration frequencies, emitting a consistent and balanced energy. Our own cells also vibrate at specific frequencies and can be affected by energy imbalances. Gemstones can balance and transform this dissonant energy, which brings the body back into harmony and restores health.

Meridians are the pathways that circulate our energy. There are twelve main meridians that connect our organs to our bodies and when balanced, work together to optimize our health. Often, imbalances occur when the organs and meridians are either in excess of energy or depleted of energy and can be adjusted with the use of gemstones.

In physics, The Law of Resonance states that when two objects of vibration come into contact with one another, one object will take on the vibration frequency of the other. As gemstones have the lowest amount of disorder, it’s more likely that our own cells’ vibrations (that are out of alignment) will adjust to the vibration frequency of the gemstones and come back to their natural vibration frequency, aiding in our overall health and wellbeing.


Wellness ˈwelnəs/ noun

The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

Sometimes this is so much easier to envision rather than do for ourselves. Wellness is about the decisions we make to live a more balanced life. It’s finding that time to care for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self. It’s a chance to recharge, refocus and ground ourselves. Our collections can help you find and keep that ever graceful balance and serve as a reminder that our path is our own and every journey unique, just like you…

“Live your best life”

Sustainability Commitment

Birch Artisan Studio is committed to making a difference. We use recycled materials such as silver and gold wherever possible and are always endeavouring to be better. It can be a daunting and difficult task sometimes, but every little bit helps; choosing zero waste, recycled or compostable products and saying no to plastics where possible. Our packaging is made from FSC certified, post-consumer products and is printed by a carbon neutral company local to British Columbia.  We’re continuously looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and find sustainable and socially conscious alternatives to help make a positive global impact.

We became a member of 1% For The Planet in 2018, a nonprofit organization created in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia and Craig Matthews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, which is dedicated to protecting the health of our planet. With support of 6 core focus areas; climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife, we felt this organization best represented our values. We wanted to choose a program that was measurable in our commitment, so 1%  of all your purchases is donated to support nonprofit organizations focused on a positive global impact in these areas.

Meet the Team

Krista Smith

I am the creative force behind Birch Artisan Studio. Born in Victoria, BC, my connection to Vancouver Island’s natural environment can be seen throughout our collections.

I’m inspired by the beauty found in nature. It is simple, elegant, intelligent, resilient and so full of life and history. Trees especially hold a special place in my heart. They speak to my spirit in way that is hard to explain. I imagine the stories they carry, everything they have seen and the life that they support. That’s why we have a standing commitment to our environment, so that generations to come can experience Mother Nature’s wonders.

Judy Smith

I have always been a crafter, coming from a long line of talented women. After many years of learning everything I could about all crafts, Krista asked if I would be interested in helping her with her jewelry. This started the journey of transition from crafter to artisan.

The making of these beautiful pieces is only a small part of my enjoyment of my new life. Working the markets and shows, meeting and seeing the connection customers have with these pieces has been very rewarding. Stories  have been shared, as well as many tears and hugs.

Through this  opportunity  I have become more confident and have accomplished many firsts, traveling by myself is only one of the many things I can now do!

Steve French (aka Gato, Tito, Monkitos, French Fry)

I am the Studio Cat and havoc-wreaker of the team. Born in Saskatoon, SK, I was adopted by our fearless leader and have been involved with the company since the beginning.

My preference is definitely to be outside, on the prowl for interesting things or gifts for the team, but when I am required to be inside I can often be found in front of the computer (litterally) or helping tangle threading materials.

Indie Bear

I am head of the studio’s security, no one gets by me unnoticed! I’m also very good at collecting sticks for our wood pieces, although once collected I do have a hard time letting them go for production. I love going out for hikes to forage and am always good for a belly rub.