About Us

Our Story

Founder & Designer                                                                        Krista Smith

Welcome to Birch Artisan Studio, handcrafted jewellery that goes beyond the sum of materials. Established in 2013, our brand has been dedicated to fostering meaningful connection by creating timeless pieces that celebrate the people, places and experiences that we hold in our hearts.

At Birch Artisan Studio we believe that jewellery is more than just an accessory; it’s a way to hold our stories. The pieces in our collections are all handcrafted with attention to the smallest details, highlighting the beauty in the tiniest parts, the details that make us all unique.

Our mission is to encourage individuals to express their stories and endeavour to create a memorable experience by providing exceptional service while you find the perfect piece to celebrate your special moments.


Flowers brighten our lives with their beauty and fragrance, but our affinity to them can be so much deeper. Sometimes they remind us of our childhood, the way our grandma’s garden smelled. Others commemorate a special occasion. Some remind us of a most cherished loved one. Whatever the reason, they hold a tender spot in our hearts. We designed these collections using real flowers, to celebrate the moments in our lives we hold so dear.

We press and dry each piece, locally and sustainably, no two pieces are alike.


Gemstones are the most orderly structure that exist in nature. With the lowest amount of entropy, they oscillate and emit specific vibration frequencies, emitting a consistent and balanced energy. Our own cells also vibrate at specific frequencies and can be affected by energy imbalances. Gemstones can balance and transform this dissonant energy, which brings the body back into harmony and restores health.

Meridians are the pathways that circulate our energy. There are twelve main meridians that connect our organs to our bodies and when balanced, work together to optimize our health. Often, imbalances occur when the organs and meridians are either in excess of energy or depleted of energy and can be adjusted with the use of gemstones.

In physics, The Law of Resonance states that when two objects of vibration come into contact with one another, one object will take on the vibration frequency of the other. As gemstones have the lowest amount of disorder, it’s more likely that our own cells’ vibrations (that are out of alignment) will adjust to the vibration frequency of the gemstones and come back to their natural vibration frequency, aiding in our overall health and wellbeing.

Our Commitment

We want to actively participate in making the world a better, more sustainable place. We support initiatives that encourage:

Sustainability, Integrity, Social & Environmental Consciousness, Compassion, Diversity & Inclusion


Birch Artisan Studio is committed to making a difference. We use recycled materials such as silver and gold wherever possible and are always endeavouring to be better. It can be a daunting and difficult task sometimes, but every little bit helps; choosing zero waste, recycled or compostable products and saying no to plastics where possible. Our packaging is made from FSC certified, post-consumer products and is printed by a carbon neutral company local to British Columbia.  We’re continuously looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and find sustainable and socially conscious alternatives to help make a positive global impact.

We became a member of 1% For The Planet in 2018, a nonprofit organization created in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia and Craig Matthews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, which is dedicated to protecting the health of our planet. With support of 6 core focus areas; climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife, we felt this organization best represented our values. We wanted to choose a program that was measurable in our commitment, so 1%  of all your purchases is donated to support nonprofit organizations focused on a positive global impact in these areas.

Territory Acknowledgement

Birch Artisan Studio honours and acknowledges, in the spirit of respect, reciprocity and truth, the Scia’new and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples’ traditional territories on which we are located. We also acknowledge all Nations, indigenous and non, who live and work here that help us steward this land, and celebrate this territory.